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Scrap Book Edition

Cover photo design- by Sergio Parra


Play a sample of title track "BLU"

CD Cover

Play a sample of title track "I WILL BE THERE"

1. Let's do it again
2. What could be better than love
3. Hip-Notized
4. I will be there
5. It must be you
6. Blu
7. I will be there (Euro Mix)
8. Fast Money
9. It must be you (Fist Mix)
10. What could be better than love (tribal mix)
11. Hip-Notized (Remix)
12. Feelin'
13. I will be there (Lisa's Jungle Mix)

Soon you can hear a sample of  Sire's new CD and order one for yourself. So please keep clicking in!

On this CD, Sire collaborates with some of the finest Dj Producers and Vocalist available, such as Mikki Heinkel of Germany and Jakhey B. of New York for "I will be there." Including a remastered track of Sire's hit ballad "Blu" produced by James Henderson, Dan Jenks for "Let's do it again," William Williams for the smash single "Hip-Notized," Miguel Placentia for "Feelin", Russell Jackson, Dj Merlin, and vocals of Keith Eaddy, Fred White, Buddy Hopkins, and the talented diva of "Rose Royce" and "Colour Club" Lisa Taylor to name a few. All remastered by Nancy Peterson at Hersound Studio in Inglewood California, Sire-Executive Producer. 

Featuring the dynamic voice of Lisa Taylor
Now on tour with Patti Labelle and lead singer of Rose Royce, but always there when I need her

Scribes of Rhyme
Production Team for "What Could Be Better Than Love" DJ Merlin,Sire,Phoenom,Simbaah&David Elliott

Sire&James Henderson
Sire & his "One Man Band" producer James Henderson, at a private gig honoring Margrette Francisco

Sire thanks producer Mikki Heinkel after completing several re-mixes of "I will be there"

In New York with famed producer Jakhey B after completing his powerful mix of "I will be there"

"Young Dragon" Billy Wallace producer of, "It Must Be You" listening to every note

Background session at Analog Magic Studio where also recorded "It Must Be You"
Voices of Terrell Jones, Suzan Soloman, Lynn Walton, & Deborah Taylor ring in perfect harmony


Midem Music Market CD
California Pavillion CD cover
Sire appears on world wide release produced by Vaughn DeSpenza

Music Industry Mogul Vaughn DeSpenza of Reel Entertainment, produced a compilation CD for the Midem Global Music Market in Cannes 2003, where he chose a few of SIRE's originals along with other known artists, to represent the new up and coming styles of music from United States to over 50 counties. So don't be surprised if you hear "the voice" on the airwaves if you're ever in the middle of India or Greece, which is where he got the most overwhelming responses.   


Sire also appeared on compilation CD titled "The Best Christmas Yet" with his contemporary rendition of "Do You Hear What I Hear" produced and arranged by James Henderson and Russell Jackson, with vocals by Cee A Bonet', Helema and Selema Smith of 2But Not2. CD may still be available on A&M Records

Photo by Sergio Parra

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