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Inside Photo Edition
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Sire's Scrapbook
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photography of Michael Heinkel

This was a very somber, solitary moment while gazing at the ocean. It was also the day I wrote the song "Blu." SIRE

Photos by Wanda Boyd
Sire's PS performance
Greater Palms Springs Pride Festival 2003

Sire appears at Palm Springs Pride Festival

Triple Impact Dancers and Singers opens the act with anticipation

Voices of Naima,Glen Kelly & Cee A Bonette rang in perfect blend

Performing "I will be there" for the Winter Music Conference

Sire& CJ chill'n on the set of "Roseanne"
Sire & writter Collidge Jones
Sire&band performed Roseanne's favorite blues tunes to warm up the live audience

Sire hits the main stage with his disco original "Let's Do It Again"

Sire rocks the stage with a Barry White medley

Sire fills the dance floor with an encore performance of "Feelin"

photo by Mark Yates of News Dispatch
Sire plays Cript Keeper w/ Inner City students to MJ's "Thriller" choregraphed by Ron Allison

Promotional poster for new Single "Hip-Notized

Publicity photo by Sergio Parra
Sire Bangs?
From LA Weekly's "Pick of the Week" announcing Sire's apperance at BB King's

Accepting gift of framed artwork by artist Bruce Marshall at Listening Party

Pub. Photo by Sergio Parra

"I experienced a great amount of growth working at BB Kings. Nobody believed I could put a whole new band together in one week, because my players were double booked with a big name artist. Even I had my doubts.... But through pure determination I ended up with the some of the top players in the business that are still with me today." SIRE

Photos by Star Calhoun
BB Kings Blues Club
Opening night at the BB Kings Blues Club in Studio City

Later joined by his two life long friends, sultry opulent Gia VonKarl & ultra vivacious Lisa Taylor

BB King Stage
Powerful energy flowed through the packed house and the Spice of Life band was tight!

BB King Show
The crowd roared for more of Sire & these talented Divas. It lead to an extended run all year long

In Gia's dressing room before her performance in Japan

Ms. Gia Von Karl

"Platters" Miles/Gia/John/Richard
Gia has also traveled the world heading groups such as the Paul Robi "PLATTERS"

"I have to give props to the Diva's in my life. This divine talented, accomplished writer, singer, creator with charismatic beauty, charm, and humor not to mention holistic healer, is my most valued friend who's traveled the world and taught me everything I know. There's no telling where I'd be with out her after all the crazy projects we've done. She stuck by me from the day I came to this town, and has shared her great wisdom and precious gifts of life to this day, including this website. I'm so blessed she's in my life. Thanks G!" SIRE.

From the set of Lisa's "Pearls" video recorded on JVC Records with Jazz group "Colour Club"

Ms. Lisa Taylor

"All I can say is "goose bumps!" When ever she sings or just giggles and smile, she's found a way into your heart. Her vocal talents undoubtedly exceeds among the masses. Proven by those who watched her climb the charts. I know because I'm her biggest fan. Our cosmic connection is like no other and she will always have a big piece of my heart. Lisa, Gia and I have a bond that goes back a couple decades and will never be broken no matter how far apart we are. Thanks Busikit!" SIRE.

Cast members of "Song of the African Heart"

SGI presents "Song of the African Heart" where Sire portraits the Pharaoh of Egypt along with Mirron Willis starring as Nelson Mandela, supported by Wanda Boyd and friend at the Los Angeles Friendship Center.

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