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Photo by Michel Bocande

"Embarking the new millennium was a very exciting period of my life. A new recording deal, a stage play "Flipside," performing in the Hlywd Parade, AT THE BEACH Party and other great events to hosting a Karaoke Show for a year, where I met some of the most beautiful talented people in the city."SIRE.

Sire was recently honored by Catch One owner Jewel T. Williams for his Outstanding Entertainment Contributions.


Sire played Rev. Georgio Good
in "Flipside" Comedy by Cherise Dixon at the Miracle Theatre

"The Best Christmas Yet" CD
Included Sire's Jazzy rend. of "Do You Hear What I Hear" on A&M records

Geared up for Hollywood Christmas Parade performance with James Henderson

Sire put's on a classic act for West Hollywood's Halloween Festival

Starring Paddy Labelle, Gladass Knight, Samalia & Christina Peola (Sire)

Singer&Host Tony Jones award Sire at Catch One celebration

Broadway Diva Maxine Carter dazzles audience with her original blues tune "Rain"

Sire performs at the annual Malibu Beach Party

Who wouldn't like their name up in lights?

Hollywood Access Pass!
At Shrine Auditorium rehersal for Grammy Night

"Don't be alarmed by my fun and freaky side!" sire.

Sire&Parra Present's
"The Black Seed"
There once was a little orphan girl named Christina Rhoda Peola, that was hoping to be discovered in the Compton Academy Talent Contest. She was so adorable, that even the late Joan Crawford could not resist her.
This act has been a hit since 1994
Be sure to catch the next performance of "The Black Seed"

photo by Lionell Alexander for People Magazine
Sergio&Sire's "Black Seed" Opening
Sergio Parra, Co-Creator and Costume Designer overjoyed with our successful response

Click here to watch The Black Seed Video

Sire's pleasentry shot

"As far back as I can recall, I've always loved to entertain and make people laugh. Whether its at home, on stage, or sitting next to you on a plane. I believe that laughter relieves the soul from all tensions "SIRE

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