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to Sire's Scrapbook of Memories

"It's my passion to be able to capture great moments and celebrate life. On these pages, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs that I'm so happy to share with you."SIRE

The Wedding of the Century
Brad & Jennifer Pitt's Wedding
Sire performs with the Life Choir at Super Star Wedding of Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston

It was a beautiful July afternoon. Security was tight, photographers hiding in the trees, helecoptors were swirming loudly, but we kept on singing as the couple smiled with joy. 

 Later after a beautiful sunset, there were plenty of Fireworks and a whole lot of Partying.

"Thanks for dropping by to look at my clips. There will always be new photos and updates. You might even see someone you know in the mix. Enjoy the rest of the Site, and please get in touch with any thoughts you may have." SIRE.
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