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Photo by Michael Angelo
Jamaican Afternoon

Sire hit's the HOB stage with his regal presence....

Photography by Nora Santana
The Audience was still jazzed up by Ann Nesby's earlier performance
Hosted by the wacky character "Austin Powers"
Accompanied by John De Terre, Helem&Selema of "2But Not2" and Tony Jones

Later joined by choreographer Stephen Massey, Michael, Dywana, and Jackie on "Hip Notized"

"It was a magnificent night, and all our CD's and T-shirts were sold to prove it." SIRE

Then we took our act on the road via Pacific Coast Highway that is.....

ATB annual Malibu Beach Party
Sire performs his dance hit Hip-Notized to an audience of thousands

Dancers Stephen Massey,Michael Angelo,Jacqie & Dywana steamed up the stage

As usual Sire leaves the crowd wanting more!

Sire joins a mass of talent in Rainbow Revue Variety Show at Hollywood's historic Ivar Theatre

Photo collage by Michael Carpenter
Cast of Rainbow Review

The opening scene is Sire's "Laugh In" party
Backstage with Comedians David Pavao and Martin Kunz

Sire offer's his support to singer/musician friend Jennifer Moore with "Fever!"

RR Cast
Sire and Comedian Carmela Nudo congratulate one of the writers Ralph Lucas

RR Cast
Dress rehersal with Costumer Vinnie Lapeer, singer Ryan San Diego & Martin Kunz

Dancers, Sary and David join Sire in a funky rendition of Cole Porter's "Love for Sale"

Love For Sale!
David and Sary gave a feverish dance as Sire summons the audience

"And then it was Show Time! Because of Rainbow Revue I had so much fun, and met some of the most talented, loving, professional people I'd ever met, and made lots of wonderful caring friends. It's a golden memory that I'll never forget." SIRE.
Thank you Kevin & Matt! (Director&Producer)
More Photos Coming Soon.....

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